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This is the official website of DieMeesMC

DieMees MC (Java 1.17-1.18+)

Do you love minecraft, survival, skyrim and kingdoms? Well, this server is perfect for you!

On this website you can buy Ranks or in-game items. These items are digital and can not be refunded once bought.

These ranks and items gives you a better playing experience and expand the game with more features.


Huge open world fantasy game. Become a king and rule Elderhood. Make allies and conquer land for power. Elderhood is a mix between Kingdom, Survival, Legend of Zelda, and Elder Scrolls.

Join and start your adventure!

Contact details

KVK: 76312062

Tel: 06-20235424



Gulperberg 59

De Meern

3453 RW Utrecht

Terms and Conditions

shipping and delivery policy

We offer Digital products so we do not ship any real products once a product is bought from our store.

When you buy a product from our store you will recieve your purchase in-game within 1 minute after your purchase.

Purchases on this website can not be refunded unless you have a serious reason.