Name: Iron
Price: 19.99 EUR

Dit is een in-game rank. Deze rank kun je eenmalig kopen en behoud je voor altijd tenzij je upgrade naar een hogere rank.

Looking for some awesome extra items and features? Buy Rank Iron to unlock super cool items in Elderhood. You will unlock the following: Weapons, Gold, Crates, Keys, Kits and more! Scroll down to find what's hidden inside this package!

Rank Iron will be visible in the server chat, scoreboard, tablist and more.


You will get the Iron rank in our discord server and unlock:

- Iron Color in your name

- Iron Chat (channel)

- Iron Voice Chat (Voicechat Channel)

You will recieve permissions to create your own Kingdom.

Access to kit iron with /kits command.

Can be claimed 1 time.

Kit includes:

1x White Paladin Helmet (Rare) : Protection 9, Projectile Prot: 2

1x White Paladin Chestplate (Rare) : Protection 9, Projectile Prot: 2

1x White Paladin Leggings (Rare) : Protection 9, Projectile Prot: 2

1x White Paladin Boots (Rare) : Protection 9, Projectile Prot: 2

1x Iron Demon Cleever (Diamond Sword) : Sharpness III, Fire-Aspect I, Unbreaking I

1x Iron Demon Miner (Diamond Pickaxe) : Efficiency III, Fortune I, Unbreaking I

1x Iron Demon Cleever (Diamond Axe) : Efficiency III, Smite III, Unbreaking I

5x Iron Crate Keys

5x IronCrates (contains 500-2.5k Gold per crate)

1x Efficiency V Enchanted Book

1x Enchanted Golden Apple

4x Golden Apple

2x Strenght II Potion

64x Steak

You can claim a Rank lootbox every 7 days in the Rank Shop.

Iron Package:

- 25000 EXP

- 5x Iron Crate

- 5x Iron Keys

- 10x Vote keys

You will recieve


- 1x Race Change Token (To change race one time)

You gain a additional EXP boost of 1.25x

Max items you can sell in the Trade Markets will be increased from 28 > 111.

Max Horses you can own will be increased from 1 > 5.

You will get the following Horses


- Zombie Horse


- White Horse (40k Gold)

You will recieve the following Horse Particles:

- Drip Water

- Spell

- Snowball

- Nautilus

- Slime

- Spell Instant

Mounts & Pets

You will receive the following Mounts/Pets:

- White Spectral Tiger (Mount)

- Otter (Pet)

Max amount of Combatpets you can own will be increased from 2 > 6.

You will recieve 1 Combat Pet:

Iron Golem Lv. 1

HEALTH: 100.0
ARMOR: 0.0

You unlock the following Crates:

- [Iron] Crate

You Recieve the following Keys:

- 50 Vote Keys

- 25 Iron Keys

- 5 Iron Keys with /kit iron

You can buy 45 extra Backpack slots. These can be bought at the Backpack Store.

Fast travel fees will be decreased from 300 Gold > 150 Gold.

Unlock the [Iron] Mystery Elderbox in the Daily Reward menu.

This can reward can be claimed every 24 hours.

You will recieve permissions to set 3 homes outside your kingdom.